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I'm Back
Because i deleted my gmail account on the blogspot and i can't access my blog anymore. It's been awhile that i visit this site. While cleaning some of my docs i saw this on the pieces of paper with password on it. Luckily, is still here... anyway, here's my new journal. youtube channel Follow me: Instagram: nathmei0503 Twitter: VenusV Thank you... Bye!

doain aku
Doain aku, Ed. Semoga Bapak kamu bisa cerita seberapa aku menginginkan kamu. Dulu, ada orang yang bilang ke aku, minta didoain supaya hubungan kita lancar (padahal blom pernah ketemu). Aku bilang, terserah orangnya mau doa apa, dengan jutek. Dan sekarang, aku minta Ed doain aku.

.: LifeHasBegun:.
23 Ramadhan
Hi / Hai / Hola, Daripada dok kalut fikir nak cerita benda yang dah lepas, bukankah lebih baik cerita benda-benda yang berlaku sekarang :) Kalau lagi di tunggi, memang tak berupdate la blog nieh oiii.. Now rasa sangat kagum dengan orang yang istiqamah boleh update hari-hari #jelingorangsebelah And juga boleh faham kenapa ada blog yang sebulan sekali je entry. hahaha #jelingorangatasbawah Selamat berpuasa la ye. Mohon ampun dah maaf di atas segala kelancangan dan keceluparan sepanjang sesi perkenalan kita. Alhamdulillah life ok. Berjalan mengikut aturanNYA. Dayah dah selamat kawin. Naim dah balik cuti, tapi sibuk nak p kerja. Bapak sihat-sihat sahaja. Kena pakai gigi palsu. Tapi dah dua minggu tak pakai. Hahah. Tak selesa katanya. Tapi tu lah, nak makan susah lah sikit. Habis semua dah kena cabut. Lepas puasa nie baru dia nak p jumpa doktor nak check semula. Progress #azam2016loss10kg berjalan dengan agak laju di bulan Ramadhan ini. Di hujung-hujung puasa ini dah tak lalu... (more)

Give Spanish A Listen
New Spanish listeners often think that Spanish is spoken too rapidly. Spanish speakers do speak quickly. It is difficult to hear the words individually within the spoken sentences. Here are some ways you can get used to listening to Spanish. It is not enough to read, write, or speak Spanish. One has to listen to it to get used to the speed. It takes time to get used to it. You can choose an article from a newspaper or write a paragraph in Spanish. Record yourself reading the article. Read it fast. Then read it slowly. Practice listening to what is being said. This will also give your tongue practice in pronouncing Spanish words. You will also learn the structure of the sentences and phrases. It will become more familiar to you. Another thing you can do is listen to dialogue in telenovelas. At first, you might think they are speaking too quickly. Later, you get used to the speed, and you can pick out words and phrases they are using. You can write down some of the... (more)

why is surecall triflex-v tri-band
4g lte verizon cellular signal booster kit...

<a href=””>SureCall's new TriFlex-V is a tri-band cellular booster solution that's ideal for homes and small offices <a/>where cellular reception is weak due to distance from towers, topography, building materials or structural design. This kit is specifically designed for Verizon 2G, 3G and 4G voice and data reception. These competitively priced booster kit provide enhanced voice and data for all indoor environments, the kit is designed to provide the ultimate in cell reception. The TriFlex-V signal booster kits support up to 10 simultaneous users. Frequency: Uplink: 824-849/1850-1910/776-787 Mhz; Downlink : 869-894/1930-1990/746-757Mhz Standard kit (model # SC-TriVH/O-72-OP-Kit) includes: outdoor Omni antenna, inside panel antenna and 30' & 75' CM coax cables <a... (more)

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